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Updates Coming to Brillium in 2020

February 23, 2020

During 2019, we focused on the responsive and mobile-friendly assessment interface. These are the screens that test takers, survey respondents, and job applicants interact with when completing an assessment. Our primary goal was to make it more mobile device friendly for global assessment delivery and improve the overall look and feel. Once we completed this objective, updates to improve stability were applied to ensure a reliable mobile and desktop experience for our customers when delivering high-volume assessments.

In 2020, our initial focus is to improve the Brillium administrator and author user interface (UI) and workflow. You will soon see a number of significant updates across the assessment authoring, administration and reporting features.

To prepare everyone for these exciting improvements we will be introducing these updates over the next several weeks. Our goal is to help our customers understand how to best utilize these features to get the most out of the improved Brillium Platform workflow.

While there are too many updates to list, these are the major changes you can expect to see within the next few months:

  • Admin/Author UI Revisions
  • Improved Navigation
  • Authoring Workflow Updates
  • Improved Customization
  • Account Dashboard
  • Assessment Dashboard

How To Prepare For These Updates

We expect these changes to drastically improve overall workflow. To help Brillium Platform users prepare, we will be conducting informational campaigns and posting training videos over the next two months.

Brillium 2022 API Update Requirements

May 17, 2022

Brillium 2022 includes important security enhancements, which require changes to the Brillium API configuration. This blog article explains the changes, and provides information required to re-enable the Brillium API.

New Predefined Respondent Fields for Thinkific Integration

March 9, 2021

New pre-defined respondent fields have been added to facilitate easier data integration between Brillium and Thinkific.

Deprecation of Secure Cipher Support for TLS 1.1 and earlier

February 18, 2021

In line with all major technology firms and browser developers, Brillium version 10 and up no longer supports TLS 1.0 or 1.1 ciphers.

Brillium COVID-19

March 18, 2020

In compliance with COVID-19 recommendations, we have implemented our remote work plans to ensure our employees and their families stay healthy.

New Brillium Navigational Experience

March 1, 2020

Improvements in the Brillium 2020 release include the Brillium Menu system that provides quick access to authoring, reporting, and delivery features.